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Terms and conditions for CGE Spring Semester: Tues, Weds, or Thurs

Your place will only be secured once payment is made to Art Box and terms and conditions have been accepted.

Art Box is granted the right to use the Student’s name, photograph and art projects in the School’s publications, promotional materials and website. The Parent hereby releases and holds the School harmless from any liability arising from the use by the School of the Student’s name, photograph and/or art projects.

The Parent hereby releases the School from and agrees not to sue the School for any liability, claim, suit or expense in any way associated with Child's attendance and or participation in a workshop or the use of any equipment or facilities of the School, including any claims for any damage or loss of any personal belongings or any injuries incurred.

Classes must be booked at least 24h in advance.

Changes must be made 24h in advance or you will be charged the full price of the class. We appreciate if you notify the school on time.